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It Makes It Easy To Track My Food and Reverse Fatty Liver

"Until now it was so difficult to work out what foods will spike my insulin. There just aren't any good resources out there or ways to measure this. This guide is a so useful and allows me to calculate my expected insulin spike, reverse my fatty liver and lose weight".

How Much Insulin Does Each Food Tell Your Body To Release?

The guide tells you exactly with a list of over 100 foods.

Why this is important:

Tracking Insulin Hits Is The Future..

If you have fatty liver or type 2 diabetes. It is essentially you have an accurate way of judging what you eat. It is possible to reverse both conditions in the right circumstances and being able to monitor your insulin hits is the best method to do this.

The guide also includes Insulin Index so you can see which foods stimulate the most insulin per calorie as well. This way you can get an intuitive feel for which foods are likely to spike insulin.

Simple table format so you can search the best foods for you and easily add up the insulin hits for the food you eat.

Broad terms so you can relate it to the food you actually eat, even similar products which are not listed in the table.

Watch Dr. Fung Explain Fatty Liver and Insulin Resistance

Frequently Asked Questions


What is "Insulin Hit"?


It is the predicted amount of insulin your body will release in response to the food you eat. Each food stimulates different amounts of insulin and this is a way to measure this.


How is this different to glucose/blood sugar?


Blood sugar is not equal to insulin and often blood sugar can be low with insulin levels high. For example many sweeteners do not spike blood sugar, but do spike insulin.


Why is "Insulin Hit" important


High levels of insulin (insulin hits) over time causes insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the major cause of type 2 diabetes, obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver.


Why is there not more information on what foods cause Insulin Hits?


Unfortunately it is going to take time for the science to translate into real life practice. There is not a lot of information on how food causes insulin spikes (insulin hits) and it is expensive to measure the insulin hit of each food.


Do you work with people on an individual basis?


Yes, but as you may know I am also a practicing hospital physician in internal medicine so there are very few available slots. If you wish to be added to the next batch just reply to one of the emails I sent you and ask.

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