Athlete Hacks

We look at your current diet and help you get to your goals the easy way – by hacking what you already eat to make it healthy and delicious. 

1. Grocery lists
2. Conversion of your current meals to healthier versions with video recipe
3. Calorie calculation for yourself based on your goals
4. How to meal prep – or we can make your meals for you
5. Video tutorials on how to shop
6. Don’t Buy list
7. Portion sizes of each of your common meals to maintain your calorie deficit
8. Join the facebook group to discuss and exchange recipe ideas
9. Check-ins with our team
10. Substitutes for any bad food that you may love
11. Get your family involved
12. Diet focused not just on weight loss but on longevity and overall health

How to alleviate fear

How to get early wins

Confirm suspiscions

Encourage dreams

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